Cayman Islands Consolidated Water


At Consolidated Water we seek to:

  • Provide complete and competitive potable water and wastewater solutions;
  • Provide the lowest lifecycle cost of water treatment solutions to our clients;
  • Forge long-term partnerships with our clients;
  • Design, build and operate highly efficient plants;
  • Leverage the experience of our engineering and management teams across all our operations.

Our Strategy

We provide water services in areas where the supply of potable water is scarce.  We have focused on the Caribbean basin and adjacent areas as our principal market because they possess characteristics that make them attractive for our business.  Such characteristics include, but are not limited to:

  • little or no naturally occurring fresh water;
  • growing population and tourism levels.

Although we are currently focused primarily on these areas, we believe that our potential market includes any location with a demand for, but a limited supply of, potable water.  The desalination of seawater is the most widely used process for producing fresh water in areas with an insufficient natural supply.  In addition, in many locations, desalination is the only commercially viable means to expand the existing water supply.  We believe that our experience in the development and operation of reverse osmosis desalination plants equips us with capabilities to successfully expand our operations.

Key elements of our strategy include:

  • Maximizing the benefits of our exclusive retail license on Grand Cayman;
  • Expanding our existing operations in the Cayman Islands, Belize and the Bahamas;
  • Penetrating new markets where demand exists for potable water;
  • Broadening our existing and future operations into complimentary services;
  • Staying at the forefront of technological enhancements within the industry;
  • Optimizing our competitive strengths, which include harnessing the best available technology, maintaining a unique business model and retaining an experienced management team.