Ocean Conversion (Cayman) Limited
Cayman Islands Consolidated Water

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Plant type:
Seawater Reverse Osmosis

St. James, Barbados

1.32 million US gallons per day (5,000 m3 per day)

Contract type:
Design, Build, Operate

Sandy Lane Properties, Inc.

Commissioning date:
December 2000


This facility is located at the famed Sandy Lane Resort on the island of Barbados.

This seawater reverse osmosis desalination facility is capable of producing 1.3 million US gallons per day.  The water produced from this plant is used by the resort for irrigation purposes, principally for the three golf courses located on the property.

The plant was commissioned in 2000 and because of its location at the resort, was designed to have minimum visual and audible impact. The plant was built partially underground and the roof of the facility is used by the resort for tennis courts. The building and equipment inside were specially designed to minimize noise emanating from the building. 

While the water produced by the facility is used only for irrigation, the plant produces water with total dissolved solids (TDS)  of less than 400 ppm, and which meets all WHO drinking water requirements, except for disinfection requirements.

Because the cost of electricity on Caribbean Islands is typically 4 to 5 times greater than in the United States, and Barbados is no exception, a critical factor in the design and operation of this plant is the overall energy efficiency of the facility. To that end, the plant utilizes the advanced Calder DWEERTM (Dual Work Exchanger Energy Recovery) system to recover energy from the high pressure brine stream.

The raw seawater for the plant is obtained from deep wells located near the plant, avoiding the expense associated with the pre-treatment of seawater obtained from open sea intakes. Brine from the plant is also disposed of via a deep well.

An advanced computer control system monitors the plant 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. This system helps minimize staffing requirements as the plant is not manned on nights and weekends.

In 2007 the operation of this facility was taken over by the customer at the end of a successful six year operations contract.